Hydraulic Ram Pump
480 gallons per day.
20 gallons per hour.
(Sugar used for scale)

Build up period
Note water gushing up from brass check valve.

Pressure period
Note check valve is closed.
Forcing water into vertical 4" pipe under presure.
This maintains 10 psi aft of the plastic check valve.
The plastic check valve is between the brass valve and the vertical pipe.

Aft section
Note black pipe on right near Sugar's tail.
This pipe goes up the tree to the 3/4" tee.

1/2" pipe from aft end of ram to 40' tree.
3/4" tee with vent on top
3/4" pipe to green field

Feed line.
60' of 2" then 64' of 1-1/4"
This is one of the two falls that make up about 6' of drop from inlet to ram.

How to.